1 Year Anniversary of screening “IMPACT: After The Crash”

On behalf of all the Producers I would like to take a quick moment to thank all of you as we enter another anniversary of the Carrolton Bus Crash.   Thank you for supporting the film and spreading the message to others. We’ve had a busy and blessed year touring and screening the film in festivals, schools, church groups... Continue »


Not in our wildest dreams could we have imagined our first day up on we would rank #1 on DVD Sales for Documentary!  Truly a blessing and we have you all to thank for this honor.  We are so thankful for the support of this film, the wonderful comments, and most of all the opportunity to put this... Continue »

Worldwide DVD Release this Friday Oct. 25th

We are pleased to announce the release of IMPACT:  After The Crash will officially happen this Friday, October 25th to the public.  We will be providing a link directly to our page where you can purchase the film.  In the very near future we will also have our Vimeo-On-Demand service available as well where you can choose to... Continue »


We sincerely apologize for just announcing the Screening today in Louisville at the Louisville International Film Festival.  IMPACT will be screened today at 5pm in the Daisy Room of the Galt House. Come out and support this great project and watch the film for only the 2nd official public showing and the first in Louisville!  Patrons need to  purchase... Continue »

Post Screening & Updates

The screenings for the film went better than our team could have imagined.  We’ve had an overwhelming positive response to the film and everyone is anxious to learn of the future for the project.  I can tell you our first plan is to enter the film in as many festivals as we can throughout the summer and into early... Continue »


We continue to get daily emails from people wanting to know if and when we are going to screen the movie at a future time.  The best answer we can give you at this time is “hopefully YES”.  We could not have imagined the PAC Theater would have sold out of tickets within 48 hours.  It has been both... Continue »


As you can see from our current posts, we have embarked on a countdown that memorializes each victim from the crash.  Please take a moment each day and head over to our FACEBOOK PAGE to follow the countdown and say a few words if can.  As we near our screening for the film we are both anxious and excited... Continue »

Reason #3 Charles “Chuck” John Kytta – 34

#27REASONS Reason #3 Charles “Chuck” John Kytta – 34   Like many others from the First Assembly of God, May 14, 1988 was the first day I had ever met Mr. Kytta. He seemed to be a dedicated man of God, and had a wonderful relationship with the youth group. I have since had the good fortune of meeting... Continue »

Countdown to May 14, 2013 continues. Reason #2 Marilyn Joy Williams – 35

  May 14, 1988 was the first day I had ever met Mrs. Williams. Despite not knowing her well, the memories I have of her from that day are pleasant ones. In the conversations I have had with Janie Padgett, she speaks so highly of her good friend, Joy Williams. And if Mr. Lee Williams (whom I know well)... Continue »


Today we will begin our #27REASONS countdown, leading up to May 14th, 2013 — the 25th anniversary of the crash and screening of the IMPACT documentary. For the next 27 days, we will dedicate each day to one of the loved ones we lost 25 years ago, to remind everyone of the #27REASONS this film was made. I urge... Continue »
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